Canadian Certified Playground Inspector

Certification Requirements

In order to become a Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) Canadian Certified Playground Inspector, a new program participant must complete both the Theory and Practical Courses and exams. Certification is valid for a three year period from the date a participant passes the relevant qualifying exam:

  1. Participants must attend a CPSI Theory Course and score at least 70% on the Theory Exam, either online or in class.
    • If a participant does not achieve a score of 70% or higher on the Theory Exam, he/she must re-take the Theory Course and exam, either online or in class. If done within 12 months of the original exam date, he/she will be eligible to participate at a reduced re-take fee.
  2. Participants must attend a CPSI Practical Course and score at least 70% on the Practical exam within 24 months of the date the Theory exam was passed, in order to be considered certified. Participants cannot participate in a Practical Course until they have passed the Theory Exam.*
    • If a participant has not taken the Practical Course within 24 months of originally taking the Theory Course, he/she must re-take the Theory Course and achieve a score of 70% on the Theory exam (at the full registration fee), before participating in the Practical Course.

* CPSI recognizes that registrants participating in scheduled combined Theory/Practical Courses will not have their Theory marks prior to attending the Practical Course. In this case, if the registrant does not pass the Theory Exam, but subsequently passes the Practical exam, he/she may obtain certification by re-taking the Theory Course (online or in class) and achieving a score of 70%.

• You may also choose to register for the course as a participant and not write the certification exam

• Participants must attend the Theory course to be eligible to attend the Practical course.



Re-certification is required after three years. The new certification period begins on the date a participant completes an exam, regardless of their previous certification date.

For Recertification information click the link below.

Re-certification process



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